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In September 2014, SpaceX held the groundbreaking for the world’s first ever commercial orbital launch site to be located at Boca Chica Beach, outside the city of Brownsville. From this site, the company plans to make 12 annual launches using its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy vehicles. SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches the world’s most advanced rockets and spacecraft.

SpaceX presence in the region is helping cultivate the future aerospace cluster in the Brownsville Borderplex and provide innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities in the space and technology sectors.

In order to develop a pipeline of talent, space companies will seek out internship opportunities with institutions of higher education. Local school districts are focusing on STEMs programs and technical colleges and university have developed aerospace, space and astronomy departments in order to develop a talent pipeline for companies in this industry.

Industry leaders

  • SpaceX
  • Paragon D&E

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