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Brownsville is in the midst of transforming its destiny.

The Brownsville Borderplex region is home to an international business community composed of a wide range of sectors that include advanced manufacturing, heavy manufacturing, automotive, medical, retail, space and aviation, international logistics, and food processing.

Our city is in the midst of transforming its destiny by creating more economic opportunities and helping cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship in the Brownsville Borderplex.

SpaceX will build in Brownsville the world’s first commercial orbital rocket launch site. The project’s three components include a Vertical Rocket Launch Site, Launch Command Center, and Ground Tracking Station. The project will also help create a Space Innovation & Technology Incubator and a Space Technology Park.

Brownsville is home a regional university, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, which is a leading institution for Hispanic engineers & and research in the aerospace industry. A new medical school, a component of UTRGV, is set to open in 2016 and will become a leading research medical institution.

Our region is also experiencing a rebirth of sorts in industry, with the area’s proximity to shale natural gas and deep-water oil reserves, its position for renewable energy, international logistics at the Port of Brownsville, and by playing a key role in the supply-chain-logistics of the automotive industrial corridor in North America.

Brownsville is also working to develop a 17,000 acre planned corridor for industry and heavy manufacturing. The plan includes development of a world-class heavy manufacturing campus which will include a vertically-integrated machining operation with planned foundry and forging operations in the future. This will help create an industrial ecosystem found nowhere else in North America.

In recent years, the Port of Brownsville has become a desirable location for companies in the energy sector, in large part because it represents a logistical advantage for importing and exporting goods. The Borderplex is at the center of a region with vast natural gas and deep-water oil reserves.

Three different liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants are currently going through the environmental process in their plans to establish operations at the Port of Brownsville. These multi-billion dollar projects plan to export LGN from the Borderplex to the rest of the globe.