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Brownsville airport breaks record for passenger enplanements; adds new carrier and flights

An increase in passenger activity has helped the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport expand its commercial services, picking up another airline carrier and adding new flights to the schedule.

Brownsville, the safest metro in Texas

The Brownsville Metropolitan Statistical Area has been recognized as the safest metro in the state of Texas, according to FBI data released in January.

Port of Brownsville’s revenue continue to grow

Cargo activity at the Port of Brownsville continues its upward trajectory, according to port director and CEO Eduardo Campirano, who said 2014 was the best year on record in terms of revenue.

New University of Texas Americas Institute to have global reach

The University of Texas Americas Institute will work toward the goal of bridging the countries in the global south and tackle important issues in the region.

Brownsville international airport has major projects in the works

The Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport of today will look nothing like the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport of tomorrow.

UTRGV helps create a new Physics Frontier Center backed by the National Science Foundation

The Center for Advanced Radio Astronomy (CARA) at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to collaborate with a group of 11 institutions in the United States to create and operate a Physics Frontier Center (PFC).

Fitch Ratings: Cameron County's financial outlook 'stable'

Cameron County revenue and tax bonds have been assigned a “AA minus” rating with a “stable” outlook by Fitch Ratings agency. The county’s $131 million in limited tax bondsalready had a AA minus, and Fitch in its latest report affixed the same rating to $4.5 million in revenue and tax bonds for the SH 550 connector project.

International rail bridge set to open after delays

Lights were being tested Saturday night, cameras were being installed, grounds were being cleared of debris and the floors were to be waxed, all leading to Tuesday’s expected completion of the first international rail bridge to be constructed between the United States and Mexico in 106 years, Cameron County Judge Pete Sepulveda Jr. said.

LNG exporters advance plans to set up facilities at Port of Brownsville

Proposals for the construction of one or more Liquefied Natural Gas facilities at the Port of Brownsville just got a bit more substantial.

Brownsville Economic Journal

Top story: Brownsville’s efforts in betting on heavy manufacturing for economic development translate into long term benefits for the entire Borderplex. And in an expert’s opinion, the industry is key for the economic success of the region