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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (February 14, 2017) —Two members of the Brownsville Economic Development Council (BEDC) Outreach Team attended the Basic Economic Development Course conference in Sugarland, Texas sponsored by the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC). The week-long conference provides general guidance and assistance to meet the educational and networking needs of TEDC members.


“It was a great experience attending the Basic Economic Development Course in Sugarland”, said Jerry Briones, Director-Global Outreach and Development. “The conference workshops defined what is Economic Development and how it serves the community. The seminar also focused on creating partnerships with local community leaders and state and federal agencies to deliver a more vibrant community”.


Some of the topics and issues discussed during the conference include community development, retail and economic development, workforce development and strategic planning.


“This Basic Economic Development Course made me realize that all of us in this field have common issues”, said Jose Herrera, Director of Business Retention, Expansion & Supply Chain Development. “We learned more about the multiple agencies within the state and federal government that can assist us with our local projects. Another interesting and important aspect that was brought up is if a community has a skilled labor force, proper utilities and solid infrastructure, it will reap the benefits of incoming industry at a faster pace than communities that do not address these issues.”


TEDC, along with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), provides economic development conferences each year.