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The Matamoros Maquiladora Association, “AMMAC,” (Asociación de Maquiladoras de Matamoros-Index Matamoros) was created in 1972 by a group called, “Plant Managers of Matamoros Maquiladoras” with the following goals in mind: 

  • To represent the general interests of its members
  • To promote growth in production, industry, and free trade
  • To submit requests to local, state, and federal government offices and represents its members interests in these offices; help to defend its members interests.

For more than 40 years the Matamoros Maquiladora Association has been providing services and support to the maquiladora industry in Matamoros. Its members enjoy a handful of opportunities and advantages that said membership has granted them. Among those include:

 Excellent first-hand information.

  • Administrative and technical consulting.
  • Representation at all three levels of government.
  • Responsible lobbying to solve particular problems.
  • Networking with local and national businesses.
  • Automatic membership in the national council of the maquiladora industry and export products (CNIMME).
  • The best database for labor contracts in Mexico.
  • Personnel search.
  • Statistics.
  • Community leadership

 During the last couple of years, AMMAC’s membership has comprised about 90 companies, all established within the Matamoros/Brownsville area. AMMAC works in close partnership with BEDC, truly committed to promoting the manufacturing industry, welcoming more companies into our region, and fostering a pro-business climate for the greater economic development of the Brownsville/Matamoros Borderplex.

For more information regarding the Matamoros Maquiladora Association, please visit their website at:http://www.indexmatamoros.org.mx